Adding Data to Existing Worksheets with Import from CSV

Import from CSV lets you import data from a locally-stored CSV file into an existing worksheet.

By using “Import from CSV”, you can append a worksheet with data from an external CSV file. Unlike “Import CSV”, “Import from CSV” does not create a new workbook, but instead adds data to your existing workbook.

How to Import Data from a CSV File

To import data from a CSV file into your worksheet, open the document menu and navigate to File > Import... > Import data from CSV into worksheet. When prompted, select a file from your computer.

How to Access the Document Menu

To access the document menu,

  1. Open the document dropdown by clicking the arrow to the right of the document name
  2. Select "Menu..." from the dropdown

Once you select a CSV file to import, you will be prompted to configure the Data Import settings and map columns from your CSV file to your worksheet.

Configuring Import data from CSV Settings

The Import data from CSV dialog lets you map columns from your CSV file to your worksheet. You do not need to import every single column from your CSV file into your worksheet, nor does every column in your worksheet need to receive data from your CSV file.

Below, we’re importing CSV data into this worksheet:


Let’s take a look at the Import data from CSV dialog. As you change import options, the live preview on the right side of the dialog will automatically update.


Data Import settings

  • First row of CSV is header: Toggle this option on if the first row of your CSV contains header information, and it will be omitted from the data import.
    • Inherit CSV columns if Sheet column is unnamed: Toggle this option on if you want unnamed workbook columns to take on the name of the CSV columns to which they are mapped.
  • Merge matching rows: Toggle this option on – and select a CSV column with which to match values – if you want to merge information from matching rows in your worksheet and CSV file during the import process. Selecting this option will override data in your worksheet where matching rows are found.
    • Skip the data from CSV if the column matches: Toggle this option in if you want to skip importing CSV rows where matching rows are found. Selecting this option will not override data in your worksheet.

Column mappings

From the dropdown next to each Sheet column, select the corresponding CSV column from which you want to map imported data. If you do not want data from a CSV column imported into a Sheet column, select “None” from the dropdown.

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