Introduction to OpenAI Integration

With OpenAI integration, you can harness the power of OpenAI models like GPT-3 and Codex in your workbooks.’s OpenAI integration functions let you access powerful OpenAI models like GPT-3 and Codex in your workbooks.

What is OpenAI?

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory dedicated to AI technology. Most famously, OpenAI has developed the ChatGPT AI chatbot on top of the OpenAI API to automatically generate human-like text and image content in response to user input.

The OpenAI API is a set of tools and services that allow developers to build applications powered by AI. It provides access to a range of AI services, including natural language processing, computer vision, and more. supports the OpenAI method Completion, which returns information when given a prompt. The completion method can be accessed via the OPENAI_COMPLETE integration function.

Connecting a Workbook with OpenAI

The first time you use the OPENAI_COMPLETE function in a workbook, you’ll be prompted to connect the workbook with your OpenAI account.

  1. Write your first OpenAI formula with the OPENAI_COMPLETE function
  2. Enter your OpenAI API key in the popup dialog and click Connect

Once you’ve established the connection, other users in your workbook will be able to write and edit formulas using OPENAI_COMPLETE and your API key.

Using OpenAI Completion

OpenAI’s “Completion” method – accessed with’s OPENAI_COMPLETE function – returns an output based on a given prompt. For example, you could use the completion method to write social media posts, create a list of fake company names, generate a list of project tasks, and more.

OPENAI_COMPLETE requires a prompt argument. A prompt tells the OpenAI model what to do. Like arguments in all other functions, the prompt can be defined explicitly or be a cell reference.


In the example above, the OPENAI_COMPLETE function is being used to write product descriptions based on a given product name and keywords.


In the example above, the OPENAI_COMPLETE function is being used to generate a list of SEO-optimized keywords for a given topic.


In the example above, the OPENAI_COMPLETE function is being used to translate product descriptions written in English into other languages.

Learn more about working with the OPENAI_COMPLETE function, including using additional optional arguments, in our function documentation.