Navigating the Homepage

The homepage houses all of your workspaces and workbooks, as well as links to important resources and account settings.

Everything starts with your homepage. It lists all of the workspaces to which you belong, shows their folders and workbooks, and has links to support and learning resources and account settings.


  1. Templates: Access’s Template Gallery
  2. New: Create a new document in your workspace
  3. Support: Access support resources
  4. Account: Access your account settings or logout of your account
  5. Favorites: Access your starred documents
  6. Recent: Access your most recently opened documents
  7. Workspaces: Navigate through all of the workspaces to which you belong
  8. Resources: Access the Template Gallery, Help Center, Community, and What’s new? Page
  9. Trash: Access and recover recently deleted documents

In the center of your homepage, you can access documents in any workspace or folder to which you have access.


  1. New Folder: Create a new folder in your workspace
  2. Workspace Settings: Access your workspace settings
  3. Users: See which users currently have access to a folder; mouse over the avatars to view their names
  4. Share: Manage which users have access to a folder, and share a folder with new users

Click one of the New buttons to create a new document. New documents can be created in a workspace, or in a folder within a workspace.

Learn More: Sharing and Collaborating in

Later in this series, we’ll explore’s sharing and collaboration features. For more information about collaborating in, check out these resources:

  • Sharing Permissions” – Learn more about the different permission levels for users you invite to a workbook or folder
  • Public Sharing and Embedding” – Learn more about sharing your workbooks publicly outside of
  • Workspace Management” – Learn more about the difference between licensed and unlicensed users in your workspace

Next, we’ll look at creating new workbooks in