Analyzing Workbooks with Reports

Reports let you collect and aggregate data from multiple worksheets or workbooks to create a combined view of data from different sources.

Reports help you collect data from multiple places across, even worksheets that are part of different workbooks or folders. Reports can contain all of the information from the original records, or just a subset of it.

Let’s say we have three different worksheets with contact information that look like this…


…and we want to create a single source of truth for all of this contact information. By generating a report, we can create one combined view of data that looks like this:

sample-report.png reports are…

  • Read-only: Any changes to the data seen in reports must be made in the underlying worksheets and can’t be changed from the report itself
  • Dynamic: Reports automatically update to reflect changes made to the underlying workbooks
  • Customizable: You can change the columns which provide data to your reports and reorder information as you see fit
  • Organizable: Reports support the same sorting, filtering, and grouping options found in workbooks

Creating and Configuring Reports

Reports are a separate type of document from workbooks. While reports contain data from workbooks, they must be created as independent documents and cannot be added to an existing workbook.

How to Create a New Report

  1. From your homepage, click one of the New buttons
  2. Select New Report from the dialog
  3. Give your new report a name and location, and click Save

When you open your new report, you will be prompted to select source sheets – the worksheets whose data will populate your report – and columns – the columns within the source sheets that will provide the data. Once you configure your report, you can apply sorting, filtering, and grouping, just as you would in any worksheet.

If you make a mistake in your selection or need to add more data to your report later, you can edit the source sheets and columns at any time.

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