Introduction to Dashboards

Dashboards are a document type, like Workbooks and Reports.

Like Reports, Dashboards can display information from multiple workbooks and can be shared with other users, or with the public.

What is a Dashboard?

A Dashboard is a graphical overview of various pieces of data and information. In, each Dashboard is made up of a grid of widgets.

Dashboard Sample.png

Dashboards can include graphs, significant figures, embedded Views and Reports, images, and more. Creating a Dashboard can help you visualize large amounts of data, as well as present findings to other people without having to grant them access to the underlying workbooks.


How to Use Dashboards

Because Dashboards are modular, customizable, and can include information from any number of workbooks, there are literally endless ways to use them. Some common ways you might use Dashboards are…

  • Team Collaboration: Use Dashboards as a central place to display information for teams whose work is spread across many different workbooks
  • Data Access Control: Use Dashboards to share important information with external consultants or clients without having to expose sensitive internal information

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