Creating a New Dashboard

Create new Dashboards from your homepage.

Creating Dashboards

Creating new Dashboards is similar to creating new workbooks and Reports.

How to Create a New Document

You can create new documents from anywhere in via the Workspaces sidebar.

  1. Open the Workspaces sidebar by clicking on your workspace icon
  2. Click the blue +New button above the search bar
  3. Select the type of new document you want to create
  4. Assign your document a name, specify a location, and click Save

Configuring Dashboards

Setting up and configuring a new Dashboard is a two-step process: (1) Selecting source sheets, and (2) adding widgets.

Source sheets are the worksheets that feed information into your Dashboard. The number of source sheets that can be connected to a Dashboard is dependent on your plan:

  • Free: 1 source sheet per Dashboard
  • Standard: 2 source sheets per Dashboard
  • Premium and Enterprise: Unlimited source sheets per Dashboard

To select source sheets for your Dashboard,

  1. Click the Source sheets button in the upper left corner of your Dashboard
  2. From the left side of the dialog, toggle the checkboxes next to the worksheets you want to link with your Dashboard
  3. Click Done when you’ve finished making your selections


Source sheets can be added to or removed from your Dashboard at any time. To remove a source sheet from your Dashboard, click the x next to the worksheet name in the source sheets dialog.

How to Add Dashboard Widgets

Widgets are the modular components that make up the modular Dashboard grid. To add a new widget to your Dashboard,

  1. Click the + Add a widget button
  2. Select a widget type from the dropdown list

Widgets can be resized and moved around your Dashboard using the drag handles and arrows on each side of the widget that appear when you hover over it.


How to Configure Dashboard Widgets

Each widget type has its own set of configuration options. To access these options…

  1. Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the widget you want to configure
  2. Select Configure from the dropdown

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