The Button data type lets you embed actionable buttons in worksheet cells. Buttons can trigger automations or take viewers to a URL.

The Button data type is a column-level data type and cannot be applied to a single cell or range of cells.


Configuration Options

Option Description
Name Assign a column name
Label Specify the label to appear on each button
Color Specify the color of each button
Action Choose what will happen when a viewer clicks a button; select from Run an automation or Open a link

The Button data type is set to Strict by default and cannot be changed.

Action Types

Clicking a Button can trigger one of two actions: “Run an automation” or “Open a link”. Read more about each below.

Run an automation

The “Run an automation” Action type lets you configure an automation that will be triggered by a user pressing a Button. When you configure your Button column, you will also need to configure the associated automation.

Click the + Configure automation button at the bottom of the Update column dialog to open the automation workflow editor.


Creating an automation here works like creating any other automation, except the trigger type is pre-configured to work with your Button.

You can create multiple automations that will run when a Button is clicked. When multiple automations are assigned to a Button column, you can reorder them by changing their order in the Automations dialog.

Open a link

The “Open a link” Action type lets you direct users pressing a Button to a link. When you configure your Button column, you will also need to configure the associated link.


The link can be static (like “spreadsheet.com”) and the same for every Button in the column, or it can be configured dynamically with tokens, like referencing the value in a URL column elsewhere in your workbook.