Use the sidebar to navigate between documents and workspaces, as well as access other features.

The sidebar helps you navigate between your documents and different workspaces of which you are a member, as well as access other features and resources like the Template Galley and Global Search.



Click the icon at the top of the sidebar to access your homepage. There, you can find a consolidated list of tasks from all of your workbooks, as well as a list of workspaces you belong to and recently opened documents.


Click the icon that represents your current workspace to access a list of all of your documents, as well as the option to switch to a different workspace of which you are a member.


Click the name of your current workspace to open a list of all workspaces to which you belong. Select a different workspace from the list to switch to it. Click the gear icon to the right of the workspace name to access the Workspace Settings for your current workspace.


Below the workspace name, click the + New button to create a new document or folder. Use the search box to search for folders and documents in your current workspace.

Open a document by clicking on its name, or click the three-dot icon to the right of the document name to access more options.



Click the star icon to access a list of your favorite documents. When you open a document, you can add it to your favorites list by clicking the star icon next to the workbook name.


Template Gallery

Access the Template Gallery, where you can choose from more than one hundred pre-configured workbook templates to jumpstart your workflow. Browse by category or search for a specific template.



Click the magnifying glass to access the Global Search dialog. Use the search field to search through every document in all of your workspaces, and for specific sheets and Views.


Use the filters on the right side of the dialog to refine your search.


Click the trash can icon to access a list of your deleted documents. Deleted documents can be recovered or permanently deleted. Learn more about deleting and recovering deleted documents.