Managing Workspace Settings

Learn how to manage settings for your workspaces, including renaming a workspace, managing users, changing your plan, and more.

Use the Workspace Settings to access important information about your workspaces and make changes.

How to Access Workspace Settings

To access the Workspace Settings for your current workspace,

  1. Open the Workspaces sidebar by clicking on the icon that represents your workspace
  2. Click the gear icon to the right of your workspace name

Customize Your Workspace

Header Image

To change the header image or color that appears in your Workspace Settings dialog, hover over it and click the Edit icon in the lower right corner. Select from one of the images, or choose a color that matches your workspace icon.


Workspace Icon

Your workspace icon is visible to you and anyone else with access to documents in your workspace. Click the icon to the left of your workspace name to select a color and emoji for your workspace icon.



The Recents page displays a list of your most recently opened documents. Click on a document name to open it, or click the icon to the right of the name to open it in a new browser tab.



From the General page, you can manage basic settings for your workspace, like changing the name or primary contact, applying personal credit, and leaving or deleting the workspace.


Deleting a workspace will delete all of the workbooks within it and cannot be undone. Proceed with caution and make sure you have moved all necessary workbooks elsewhere before deleting your workspace.


From the Users page, you can see a list of all of the users that currently have access to documents or folders in your workspace.


Change users’ status between licensed and unlicensed by toggling the checkbox next to their name. To remove a user from your workspace, hover over their name, click the dropdown arrow next to the left, and select “Remove from workspace”.

Removed users will immediately lose access to all documents in your workspace to which they have access. Proceed with caution.

Billing Plan and History

Use the Billing Plan page to manage your workspace’s subscription and change your payment options and invoice details. The Billing History page shows a history of charges made to your account and houses past invoices. Learn more in our articles “Managing Subscriptions and Payments” and “Personal and Workspace Credit”.

Workbook Usage and Automation Activity

The Workspace Usage page lets you see the row and attachment storage usage for each workbook in your workspace as it relates to your plan limits. Here, you can monitor how close you are to reaching your plan limits and decide whether to reduce your usage where possible, or upgrade to a different plan with higher row limits and attachment storage.

Learn more in our article “About Plans”.

The Automation Activity tab lets you view the number of automations run across your workspace’s workbooks on a monthly basis. Learn more about working with’s native automations.