Navigating the Homepage

Your homepage shows a consolidated list of your upcoming tasks, as well as your workspaces and recent documents.

Navigate to your homepage by clicking the icon at the top of the sidebar. Here, you can find a consolidated list of all of your upcoming tasks, a list of workspaces to which you belong, and a list of your recently opened documents.


Customizing Your Homepage

The widgets can be moved by dragging-and-dropping, or resized by dragging the arrows on each side of the widget.


My Tasks

The My Tasks widget displays a consolidated list of your upcoming tasks. For tasks to appear in this widget, they must be kept in a workbook that has Project Management enabled, assigned to you with the User data type, have an end date within the selected period, and have a status that matches one of the default options.


Use the buttons in the upper left to change the time period for which tasks are shown. Use the workspace dropdown in the upper left to view tasks assigned to you in other workspaces. Manage which tasks that appear in the widget by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner.


From the right side of the dialog, toggle status labels to show and hide tasks in the widget based on their assigned status. Click Done to save your selection.