Generating Formulas with AI

With Spreadsheet AI’s natural language processing, you can generate formulas with simple descriptions of what you want to calculate.’s Generate with AI feature can generate spreadsheet formulas on your behalf with a simple description of what you want to calculate. Write a simple description like…

  • The average of [Column A – Expenses]
  • The third highest value in [B1:B7]
  • The standard deviation of [Column C – Test Scores]
  • The sum of [Column D – Sales] divided by the product of [E1] and [E2]

…and will generate a formula that performs your desired calculation.

How to Generate Formulas with AI

To access the Generate formula with AI dialog, type an equal sign and slash =/ in a cell. Within the Generate formula with AI dialog, use the text field to write a description of the calculation you want to perform in the cell.


Include references to cells and ranges by clicking them as you’re writing the description. Reference columns by typing the name of the column surrounded by brackets [ ], or by clicking the + button in the lower right corner of the dialog and selecting a column from the dropdown.


Click the Generate button and will generate a formula based on your description.


If you do not get the result you expect, try adjusting your request and clicking Regenerate, or click Keep to populate the cell with the output. You can also opt to apply the generated formula as a column formula by clicking Set as Column Formula.

Debug Formula Errors with AI

If you encounter a formula error, can help explain it in more detail with the Explain more with AI feature.


Click the Explain more with AI button, and will generate a more detailed formula error explanation that can help you identify and correct the source of the issue.

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