Generating Cell Content with AI

Use Spreadsheet AI’s natural language processing to generate content inside of individual worksheet cells.

In addition to generating entire worksheets and generating formulas, you can use Spreadsheet AI to generate content for individual cells. Write a simple description like…

  • Write a job description for a [Column A – Job Title]
  • Summarize [Column B – Notes] in a few bullet points
  • List the country that [Column C – City] is located in
  • Name the President of the United States in [Column D – Year]

…and will generate content in response. Queries can include plain text, as well as references to cells and ranges in your worksheet.

How to Generate Cell Content with AI

To access the Generate with AI dialog for an individual cell, right-click the cell and select Generate with AI from the dropdown, or begin entering text in a cell with a slash /.


Within the Generate with AI dialog, use the text field to write a description of the content with which you want to populate the cell.


In addition to plain text, you can also reference other columns in your query. Enter the name of the column you want to reference surrounded by brackets [ ], or click the + button in the lower right corner of the dialog and select a column from the dropdown.


When you reference a column, the value that will be referenced is that which is in the same row as the current cell. You can also reference a specific cell by clicking it when you are in the Generate with AI dialog.


Click the Generate button and will populate the cell according to your request.

Editing AI-Generated Content

Once your cell content is generated, you can opt to keep it or adjust your request and regenerate the response.


You can edit the text of your query or, using the buttons in the bottom left corner of the dialog, change the length and tone of the generated content.

Once you have the desired output, click Keep to retain the generated content in the cell.

Generating Formulas with AI

Generate with AI can also be used to generate formulas in worksheet cells. For more information, see our article "Generating Formulas with AI".

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