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Whether you’re managing a multi-million dollar construction project, leading a team of software developers, compiling a database of customer contacts, tracking dozens of potential new clients through a sales pipeline, or just managing your personal life day-to-day, helps you create solutions that work the way you do. combines the familiarity of traditional spreadsheets with the power of an easy-to-use database and project management system, no-code automations, integrations with third-party applications, real-time updates, and powerful collaboration tools. Terminology

If you’ve used Excel, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet or project management software in the past, most of the features and terms in will make sense to you.

All of’s powerful project management and database features are built on top of a familiar grid, so you can get started right away. Things like functions and formulas, rows, columns, and cells all work much the same way in as they do in other software. Some other features may not be as familiar, like:


A workspace is a place for organizing your work and collaborating with as many people as you want. Workspaces can have one or multiple users, and users can belong to multiple workspaces.


A View lets you visualize and work with data in different ways, from performing simple sorting and filtering to turning a task list into a fully-featured Gantt chart. A worksheet can have multiple Views that are all working with a single set of underlying data, so that changes to data made in one View are reflected in others.


An automation is a “recipe” that will automatically perform one or more actions based on the occurrence of a trigger. An automation might be used to automatically send an email once a deal is marked as closed, or to notify a team when a deadline is approaching. Automations are user-configurable and don’t require any code.


An integration is a connection between and a third-party application like Slack or Gmail. Integrations work hand in hand with automations so that triggers can cause actions in other applications. also connects with Zapier so you can connect your workbooks with thousands of other applications.

When you first create a account, you will automatically create your first workspace, in which you can create new folders, workbooks, and other types of documents.

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This Quick Start Guide will help you master key concepts so you can work efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively. But there’s a lot more to than can be covered in a handful of articles. Take a look at these resources to learn more about

  • Help Center – The Help Center has articles about every feature; search for topics to find solutions
  • Guides – Explore use cases, case studies, and deep dives into features
  • Community – Interact with other users and members of our team; ask questions, find solutions, and see what new features are on our roadmap

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