Quick Start: Getting Started

Welcome to Spreadsheet.com, where you can manage any kind of work.

From project plans and task lists, to customer databases, deal pipelines, and hiring budgets, Spreadsheet.com helps you create solutions that work the way you do, so you can organize your work your way and collaborate better with your team.

Spreadsheet.com combines the familiarity and flexibility of traditional spreadsheets with the power of an easy-to-use database and project management system, no-code automations and integrations, and real-time updates. If you've ever used a spreadsheet, you'll be creating powerful new solutions in Spreadsheet.com within minutes!

Looking for a crash course in everything Spreadsheet.com? Check out our full 30 minute video overview to help jump-start your workflow.

Your Spreadsheet.com Home Page

Your Spreadsheet.com home page is organized into sections for each of the workspaces you have access to, including your own. Whenever someone shares something with you, you'll see their workspace in your home page. Each workspace can contain Workbooks and Folders.


You can create new workbooks from the top navigation bar (1) or from directly within a workspace (2) or folder (3).


Your Spreadsheet.com Workspace

Your Spreadsheet.com workspace is a place for organizing your work and collaborating with as many people as you want. You can create any number of workbooks within your workspace and organize them into folders.


From the workspace header, you can see the name of the workspace and the plan that it is currently on (1). You can also create a new folder in the workspace (2), or access the Workspace Settings (3).

By default, your workspace's name is your email address. You may want to change it to something descriptive like "[Your Name]'s Workspace" or "Sales and Marketing Team".

You can change your workspace's name and other settings by clicking the gear icon mceclip1.png at the right.

Shared Workspaces

When you share something in your workspace with other people, they will see your workspace in their Spreadsheet.com home page. However, they will only see the workbooks and folders you've shared with them. 

Similarly, if anyone has shared a workbook or folder with you from another workspace, you will see their workspace in your Spreadsheet.com home page, but you'll only see the workbooks or folders they've shared with you. 


Folders are for organizing work within a workspace. Folders can contain any number of items and can be shared with any number of people. You can create a new folder within your workspace by clicking the New Folder button represented by a folder Icon in the top right of your workspace (2).

Once you've created a new folder, you can create new workbooks within the folder, or move existing workbooks into it. To move an existing workbook between folders, hover over the workbook name, click the arrow to the right, and select "Move to..." from the dropdown.


From the Move workbook to dialog, you can select the desired location for your workbook.

In the next part of our Quick Start series, learn how to create your first Spreadsheet.com workbook ➡️.