Creating New Workbooks

You can create new workbooks from scratch, from a template, or by importing an existing spreadsheet. gives you three ways to create a new workbook:

  1. Create a blank workbook from scratch
  2. Create a new workbook using a template from’s Template Gallery
  3. Import an existing spreadsheet from your computer

To create any new workbook, click one of the New buttons on your homepage…


…and then select the type of new workbook from the dialog:


  1. Template Gallery: Select a pre-built, customizable template from’s Template Gallery
  2. Blank Workbook: Create a new workbook from scratch
  3. Import: Upload an existing spreadsheet file via your computer’s file browser; imports of Excel files (.XLS and .XLSX), Excel templates (.XLT and .XLTX), and other spreadsheet files (.CSV and .TSV) are supported

When you select any method, will prompt you to give your new workbook a name and location.


Click Save, and you can begin creating in your new workbook.

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