Creating a Workbook from a Template

Our pre-built templates help you save time and quickly access some of's unique features.

Save time and access some of's unique features with pre-built templates. There are templates for project launches, applicant tracking, cap tables, RACI matrices, and more. Try out a template to see how views work, see different data types in action, or discover ways to customize your worksheets.

Accessing the Template Gallery 

You can create a new workbook from a template via your homepage.


Here, create new workbooks from the top navigation bar (1) or from directly within a workspace (2) or folder (3).

Each button will open the New Workbook dialog where you can can create a new workbook three different ways: create a new workbook from a template, create a new blank workbook, or import an existing workbook from elsewhere.


Click the blue Template Gallery button to explore the template gallery. Alternatively, you can access the full template gallery directly from the top navigation bar on your homepage.


The template gallery houses all of's templates. Browse templates by category from the left-hand panel, or select a blank template from the "Start from scratch" category at top to quickly create a new spreadsheet pre-configured with one of's different View types.


The template gallery is regularly updated with new templates. Check back regularly to see the latest templates that have been added, or send us a note at about which templates you'd like to see included.

Selecting a Template

When you find a template you'd like to use, click on its card to open the template preview, where you can read a short description and see screenshots of the template in use.

When you're ready to begin using the selected template, click the blue Use this template button to open the Create workbook from template dialog and configure your new workbook. From here, you can specify the new workbook name and its location. Click the blue Save button to open your new workbook.


Workbooks created from templates come with sample data to help show you how they work, such as fake users and example file attachments within cells. You can delete all of this sample data and replace it with your own when you are ready. Note that no real users will have access to your data until you share it with them.

Ready to get started with your new workbook? Check out our introductions to Workspaces and Folders, Views, and Data Types to learn about more ways to customize your workbook.