Creating a Blank Workbook

Blank workbooks are great for building from scratch or testing features, ensuring full control over every part of your new workbook from the ground up. allows you to import existing spreadsheets or use some of our custom templates. But you can also start with a blank workbook. Your new workbook will include one worksheet with one view (the primary view). Blank workbooks are great for building up from nothing or testing features, ensuring that you customize every part of your new workbook from scratch. 

How to Create a Blank Workbook

You can create a new blank workbook from your homepage.


Here, create new workbooks from the top navigation bar (1) or from directly within a workspace (2) or folder (3).

Each button will open the New Workbook dialog where you can can create a new workbook three different ways: create a new workbook from a template, create a new blank workbook, or import an existing workbook from elsewhere. Select "Blank" from the bottom left corner.


From the New workbook dialog, you can give your new workbook a name and specify the owner and location.


Once you've configured these options, click Save in the bottom right corner and your new blank workbook will be created in the location you've specified.

Check out our template gallery, as starting from a template may help you get up and running faster than starting from scratch. Or, if you have an existing spreadsheet from a different platform, try importing it.