Copying an Existing Workbook

As in other spreadsheet software, makes it easy to make a copy of an existing workbook.

You may want to copy an existing budget workbook as the start of next year's budget workbook, or make a copy of a workbook to try adding new features without fear of messing with your existing data.

Find yourself copying the same workbook over and over again? also lets you save your existing workbooks as custom templates instead.

How to Copy an Existing Workbook

Open the workbook of which you want to make a copy. From the workbook menu, navigate to File > Make a copy....


This will open the Make a copy of this workbook dialog where you can name the workbook copy and specify the location where it will be created.


Click the blue Save button in the bottom right corner to complete the process. will automatically take you to the newly created workbook copy.

Copying an existing workbook is a great way to save time. For more ways to streamline your workflow, check out our template gallery or try importing a spreadsheet from outside