Sharing and Collaborating in Workbooks

Work with your team in by sharing folders and individual workbooks, and collaborating in channels. is designed for collaborative work. You can share your workbooks with anybody, invite team members to collaborate and edit in real-time, and communicate with each other without leaving the workbook.

Sharing Folders and Workbooks with Other Users

From your Workspaces sidebar, you can invite other users to a workbook or folder. Select a document or folder you want to share, click the three-dot icon to the right of the name, and select "Share..." from the dropdown.


If you’re inside a workbook, you can manage who it is shared with by clicking the pink Share button in the upper right corner of the browser window. gives you three ways to share a workbook:

  • Invite by email: Share a workbook with individual users by sending them an email invitation
  • Get link: Generate a shareable link that can be accessed by invited users, all users at a domain, or by the general public
  • Public sharing and embedding: Share a read-only copy of your workbook via a publicly-accessible link or embed your workbook in any website that supports iframes

When you share a workbook or folder, you can choose the permission level that an invited user will have. Permission levels let you control whether or not invited users can edit, move, and delete workbooks and folders.

Collaborating in Workbooks with Other Users

When you invite other users to your workbook, you can collaborate and edit alongside them in real-time. Sharing and collaboration options can be accessed from the top of the browser window.


  1. Permission Level: If you’ve been invited to a workbook, you can view your permission level here; click the button to request a higher permission level
  2. Users: See which users are active in the workbook; mouse over the avatars to view their names
  3. Workbook Messages: Access the workbook messages channel to chat with other invited users
  4. Share: Access and manage a list of users with whom the workbook is shared, as well as access public sharing and embedding options

Open the workbook messages sidebar to exchange messages with other users who have been invited to the workbook. Like most communication apps, supports @ messages, message replies, and message reactions.


Each row also has its own channel for messages, so you can leave comments about specific information in your workbook. To access a row channel, double click the row index to expand the row.


Users will receive an email notification when you mention them in a comment or reply to one of their messages.

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In the next section of our Quick Start Guide, we’ll explore automations and integrations, which let you take your collaboration to the next level by connecting workbooks with other work apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. For more information about collaborating in, check out these resources:

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  • Public Sharing and Embedding” – Learn more about sharing your workbooks publicly outside of
  • Workspace Management” – Learn more about the difference between licensed and unlicensed users in your workspace

You’ve reached the end of the first section of our Quick Start Guide and have mastered the basics. Ready to learn more? Move on to the next section – Next Steps – to learn more about features like integrations and automations, Related Rows, reports, and more.