Creating and Using Custom Templates

Create custom templates from your existing workbooks to streamline your workflow.

Creating custom templates from your existing workbooks can help you save time, avoid repetitive work, ensure formatting and data structure is consistent across workbooks, and reduce errors from human input. Custom templates can be used to create new workbooks just like's pre-built templates.

How to Save a Workbook as a Template

From the workbook you want to save as a custom template, open the document menu and navigate to File > Save as template....

How to Access the Document Menu

To access the document menu,

  1. Open the document dropdown by clicking the arrow to the right of the document name
  2. Select "Menu..." from the dropdown

Use the Save workbook as template dialog to name your template, assign it a location, and configure how the template will appear when it is used to create a new document.


Toggle Include data? to choose whether or not the workbook's existing data will be included in the template file. Excluding data will remove all cell data, but will retain the column names and Data Types.

Include attachments? and Include comments? lets you retain or exclude attachments in Attachment cells and comment threads and channel messages, respectively.

Editing Templates

You can make edits to a workbook template much as you would a workbook itself. Simply open the template and make changes to the template. Changes to your template will not affect workbooks that have already been created from the template but will change any workbooks created thereafter.

How to Use a Custom Template

Once you've saved a custom template, you or other collaborators can use it to create new workbooks. To do so,

  1. Open your Workspaces sidebar and navigate to the custom template you want to use
  2. Hover over it and click the three-dot icon to the right of its name
  3. Select "Create workbook from template..." from the dropdown


Or, open the custom template document, open the document menu, and navigate to File > Create workbook from template.