Saving a Workbook as a Custom Template

Sometimes you want to reuse a workbook more than once. Or you've created a great workbook that can serve as a model for others. Rather than copying your workbook over and over, you can create a custom template.

Use custom templates to ensure formatting or data is consistent across workbooks and avoid duplicating work.

Templates and workbooks should be used differently. Templates are like reusable patterns that you use to create similar workbooks. For example, if you have a workbook for quarterly budgets that you want to reuse, save it as a template instead of copying the original workbook each quarter. Then, when the time comes to make a new quarterly budget, create a new workbook using your custom template instead of editing the template itself or copying the original workbook.

How to Save a Workbook as a Template

Open the workbook that you want to save as a template. From the workbook menu, navigate to File > Save as template....


This will open the Save workbook as template dialog where you can name the template, specify the location where it will be created, and configure how the template will appear.


Toggling "Include data?" on or off allows you to specify whether or not all of the workbook's including data will be included in the template file. Choosing to exclude the data will remove all data from cells, but will retain the column names and data types.

"Include attachments?" and "Include comments?" gives you finer control over the type of data that is carried over to the template file by toggling only attachments and comments on and off, respectively.

Click the blue Save button in the bottom right corner to complete the process. will automatically take you to your new template.

Inside of workbooks, templates are indicated by the teal Template label to the right of the workbook name.


On your homepage, templates are indicated by the teal template icon to the left of the workbook name.


Editing Templates

You can make edits to a workbook template much as you would a workbook itself. Simply open the template and make changes to the template. Changes to your template will not affect workbooks that have already been created from the template but will change any workbooks created thereafter.

Ready to use your new custom templates? Read on to learn about creating a new workbook from a custom template. Or, try's custom templates or import existing spreadsheets and turn them into templates of your own.