Moving a Workbook to a Different Folder

You can move workbooks between different folders from your homepage.

Sometimes you need to move workbooks. Perhaps to carry over one workbook from one part of a project to the next part of that project. Or so that one set of Folder collaborators no longer has access to it. There are two quick ways to move workbooks, detailed below.

Moving workbooks may impact collaborators' access to the workbook. Collaborators with direct access to the workbook will retain their permissions. But folder collaborators only have access to workbooks through their folder permission and will not be able to access workbooks you move out of a folder (unless they also have access to the folder you move the workbook to).

How to Move a Workbook to a Different Folder

To move an existing workbook between folders, hover over the workbook name, click the downward arrow to the right of the workbook name, and select "Move to..." from the dropdown.


This will open the Move workbook to dialog, where you can specify the new location for the selected workbook in the "Location" field.


Alternatively, you can drag and drop workbooks between folders from the homepage. Click and hold the drag handle to the left of the worksheet name as you drag the workbook from one folder to another.


For more information on permissions and collaboration, read on to learn about folder sharing and permissions article. Or for more insight into moving folders, check out our introduction to workspaces and folders.