Folder Sharing and Permissions

With six different permission levels, you can share your folders and workbooks with anyone and control their level of access. is designed for collaborative work. With six different permission levels, you can share your folders and workbooks with anyone and control their level of access. Invite users to edit, view, manage, or own your folders. 

Share folders with the folder's corresponding team. For instance, share your Conference Planning folder with the event coordinators, marketing teams, designers, or vendors that are involved in an upcoming conference. Then have another folder for project planning the new product you will launch at your conference. With folders you can divide up your work and share with individual users as needed.

Users can be given access to individual workbooks instead of the whole folder. In these cases, workbook users will still see the folder on their home page, but they will only see the specific workbooks that they have access to.

About Folder Sharing

Folders can be shared with any number of people you work with. Users with Editor, Commenter, and Viewer permissions are free in, so you don't need to worry about how many people you share with.

If you invite someone to a workbook or folder as a licensed user and they are not already a licensed user in your workspace, your workspace will be charged a prorated fee for new licenses.

When you share a folder with another user, they can access everything in that folder up to their assigned folder permission level. If you want to limit someone's access to specific items within a folder, you must share those items individually with the user rather than sharing the whole folder.

How to Share Folders

From your homepage, on the far right of each folder you can see profile images (mouse-over to see names) for all existing users and a Share button to add new users. To open the Share folder dialog, click the pink Share button or select Share... from the top of the folder dropdown.


The Share folder dialog box also lets you invite new users and manage permissions for existing users. After you click Share, a dialog box will appear, allowing you to add new users, remove previous users, or change users' permission levels.


To invite someone new to a folder, type their email address in the text box below "Invite users to this folder." You can add an optional message to the invitation and assign folder permission levels for each user. Multiple users can be invited at once. 

Click the Send button when ready. Each invited person who does not already have a account will be prompted to complete registration before joining the folder. Users who already have an account will immediately see the folder on their Home page.

Folder Permission Levels in

You can add workbook users at different permission levels. Granting users access to your workbook allows them to view and, in some cases, make changes to the workbook.

Understanding Folder Permissions provides 6 different permission levels to choose from when sharing folders: 

  1. Owner 
    An Owner can do anything with any folder they own, including deleting a folder, moving folders or workbooks to a different folder, and changing the Owners. Only a licensed user can be assigned this permission. 
  2. Manager 
    A Manager can do anything with a folder they manage except deleting it, moving it, or changing the Owners. Only a licensed user can be assigned this permission. 
  3. Collaborator 
    The Collaborator permission level allows users to create and edit rows within any workbooks in a folder and add data, but does not allow structural changes such as add/modify/remove columns, configure columns, edit cell data types, or modifying formatting. Collaborators can share the folder (or any individual workbook within it) with other users.
  4. Editor
    The Editor permission level allows users to create and edit rows within any workbooks in the folder but does not allow structural changes such as add/modify/remove columns, configure columns, edit cell data types, or modifying formatting. 
  5. Commenter
    The Commenter permission level allows users to view any workbooks in the folder, expand rows, view attachments, and make comments
  6. Viewer
    The Viewer permission level allows users to view any workbooks in the folders, expand rows, and view attachments. 

✨ Only licensed users can be Owners, Managers, or Collaborators.

Changing User Permissions and Removing Users

You can manage users' permissions or remove them from your folder via the Share folder dialog. To change a user's permission level, click on their current permission level to the right of their name and select the new permission level from the dropdown.


Only users with Owner or Manager access can remove other users or change their permission levels.

Folder users cannot be assigned a lower permission level on any workbook within a folder than their folder permission level. However, they can be assigned a higher level of access for particular workbooks within the folder. For instance, you could make your HR manager an Owner or Manager of an HR workbook, but keep them as a "Commenter" on a finance workbook.

To remove a user from your workbook, click the "x" icon to the right of their permission level.

If you wish to share individual workbooks with users, see our article on Workbook Sharing and Permissions. Or, check out our Introduction to Workspaces and Folders for more insight into folder options and features.