Changing the Table Header Row

While the table header row cannot be deleted, it can be changed.

The Table Header Row is a crucial feature of for designating table and header regions in a worksheet. The table header row is also used to set column names and to note where to start sorts and filters. While the table header row cannot be deleted, it can be changed.

Change the header row if you have a new row you want to use for column names, or if you have added more header data and now want the table data to start lower in your worksheet.

You don't need to unset the table header row before changing it to a different row.

How to Change the Table Header Row

Changing the table header row will change the column names for your worksheet, as well as change the data type of the new table header to the Text data type. Before you set the new table header row, make sure the cells in the row are already of the text data type.

To change the table header row, select the new row you would like to set as the table header, right-click on the row header, and select "Set row as table header" from the dropdown.

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