Reordering Files in Attachment Cells

Once multiple files have been attached to the same cell, you can reorder them from the Attachments preview dialog.

The Attachment data type is one of's unique features, allowing you to add and reorder attachments directly in cells. For example, you can attach resumes to your team's job applicant tracker, attach design materials to a UI development workbook, or attach commercial storyboards to your team's marketing planning workbook. 

You might want to reorder the files in an attachment cell because you care about the order the files are viewed in, or because you have multiple files and want to ensure certain ones are visible when browsing the worksheet.

How to Reorder Attachments

Click the three-dot icon that appears when you hover over an attachment cell to open the Attachments preview dialog.


To reorder the attachments, click and drag the drag handles mceclip0.png to the left of the file names and drop them into your preferred order.

You can also reorder files in the Expanded row view, or when viewing cards in Kanban views.

The new order of your files will be reflected in the cell, the attachments preview dialog, and the expanded row view.

For more on attachments, including how to add attachments, rename attachments, or remove attachments, read on through our series of articles on Attachment Columns and Cells.