Viewing Attachment Files

The Attachment data type is one of's unique features, making it easy for users to add attachments directly to cells for others to quickly reference or download.

Attachments added to cells are visible when looking at the complete worksheet, when expanding the row, or when clicking on the attachments to see them full-screen.

For example, users can add and view attachments in a design tracking workbook, with different design iterations quickly visible to the team. Or users can view different marketing collateral in the marketing team's workbook. Attachments allow you to go far beyond alphanumeric text.

How to View Attachment Files

For cells with attachments already uploaded, there are multiple ways to view and preview the files (see this article on adding attachments for more insight into how to add an attachment to a cell). The easiest way is to click the attachment thumbnail in the cell.

Or, you can click on the three-dot icon that appears when you hover over an attachment cell to open the Attachment preview dialog. 


The dialog allows you to view all of the attachments currently in the cell, as well as rename them and remove them. You can also view and manage attachments by expanding the row in which they are attached.

Thumbnail Sizing

If you want to better view multiple attachments without clicking on them, you can change the row height. You can change the row heights for a worksheet using the Row height button in the toolbar.


Attachment cells allow you to go beyond the grid and add files directly to your workbook. Keep reading through our series on Attachment Columns and Cells for more information, including how to reorder attachments, rename attachments, and for more details about attachment limits.