Sorting and Row Order

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Sorting is another way to customize your view to your particular needs. With sorts, you can rearrange your rows to prioritize certain information in either Kanban or Sheet views, as sorts operate similarly in both view types.

Sorts can be a good way to change the order of data in a sheet. For instance, if you're the HR manager of a team and you want to sort candidates by their interview score, you can sort by rating. In the animation below, we can do just that, choosing to see top-rated candidates first. Then we add another sort on top of it our rating sort


To create a sort, select the sort button mceclip0.png and click New sort. Choose a column from your existing columns to sort, and then select either of the sort order buttons. 

Sort options change based on the column's data type. For instance, you can sort a column of a number type down from 1 to 9 mceclip0.png or up from 9 to 1 mceclip1.png. Or you can sort users alphabetically from A to Z mceclip4.png, or Z to A mceclip3.png.

To remove a sort, select the delete button mceclip1.png next to the sort you wished removed.

Sort Order

Sorts can be reordered to focus on a different column. To reorder a sort, click on the sort button mceclip0.png, navigate to the sort you'd like to move, select the desired sort by clicking the drag handle mceclip2.png, and drag the sort into the desired order. 


Each additional sort acts as a sub-sort, sorting rows within the initial sort groups. For instance, in our example above candidates are sorted first by rating, then years of experience—resulting in all 5-star candidates going to the top, then candidates who are at five stars being sorted by years of experience from most to least.

As is typical with spreadsheets, columns do not automatically resort when you add, delete, or change data. To refresh the view, reapply the sort and your columns will account for the change.

Looking to restrict what data is visible in your view or to filter data? If so, check out our articles on hiding columns and adding filters to views.