Hiding and Moving Columns

Hiding columns allows you to simplify views, showcase certain information, or hide columns that are used for computation.

When columns are hidden, they are not deleted and they will only be hidden in the current View. Information in hidden columns can still be seen when you expand a row.

How to Hide and Unhide Columns

You can hide a column by right clicking on the column header or clicking the downward arrow to the right of the column name and selecting "Hide column" from the dropdown. Or, click the Column Visibility button in the view toolbar to access a list of all columns and toggle them between hidden and visible.


From here, you can search columns using the field at the top of the dropdown, use the checkboxes next to each column name to make them hidden (unchecked) or visible (checked), and quickly show all columns or hide all columns using the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the dropdown.

Hidden columns also hide any header data (the data above the table header row). Header data persists across all sheets, so if you hide columns and make a change to the header it will affect other sheet views in that worksheet.

Why are some columns greyed out?

Only users with the Owner or Manager permission type can hide columns. If the hide columns feature is greyed out, your cursor shows a not allowed symbol when you hover over the hide columns button, or you are not able to hide or unhide columns, then you do not have sufficient permissions to hide or unhide columns. You will need to request that an owner or manager of the workbook upgrade your permission.

Hiding the Primary Column

By design, the primary column cannot be hidden. However, you can designate a different column as the primary column and hide that one instead.

Moving Columns

Move one or more columns at a time by dragging and dropping column headers. Columns with cells that include merged cells cannot be moved unless the cells are unmerged first.


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