Moving and Resizing Floating Images

In addition to adding images into cells as attachments, you can add images directly into your worksheets floating on top of the worksheet itself.

As floating images do not live in cells they are not readjusted by changing cell heights and widths as other data is. However, floating images can be resized or moved using the drag tools so that you can position them in the best location in your worksheet. 

You might want to add floating images, for instance, to include your company's logo in the header of your worksheets, or because you wish the image to cross multiple cells without resizing rows.

How to Move a Floating Image

When you first paste in a floating image it will be pasted from the cell you currently have selected. Once the image has uploaded, you can easily move the image by dragging the image when the cursor changes to a drag cursor icon mceclip1.png.

How to Resize a Floating Image

To resize a pasted image, click on the image and image resizer boxes will appear on the sides and corners. Drag one of these small blue boxes on the edge of the image to adjust the image size, and let go when the image is the correct size. You can always make future adjustments to the image's size.

Generally, the best way to include images in your workbook is to use an Attachment cell. To learn more about working with attachments, check out our series of articles on Attachment Cells and Columns.