Adding Floating Images in a Worksheet

In addition to adding images into cells as attachments, you can add images directly into your worksheets floating on top of the worksheet itself.

Floating images can only be added to the Sheet view of worksheets and live outside of the data in cells. But you might want to add floating images, for instance, to include your company's logo in the header of your worksheets, or because you want the image to cross multiple cells without resizing rows.

How to Add a Floating Image to a Worksheet

On your device, navigate to the image you would like to add and copy it. Then, with your workbook open, use the paste keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V, or Cmd + V for Macs.

Once you have pasted an image into a worksheet, it will operate like a floating image on top of everything in that worksheet. You can easily resize and move with the drag features. Or you can delete the image by pressing the backspace or delete keys on your keyboard.

Some larger images may take a moment to upload, but if pasting an image does not work, the image may be too large. Try decreasing the image size before copy and pasting it again.

Generally, the best way to include images in your workbook is to use an Attachment cell. To learn more about working with attachments, check out our series of articles on Attachment Cells and Columns.