Function assistance and help

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When writing or editing formulas, provides you with two-step function assistance. The first step helps you locate the function you want to use by proposing functions when you start typing a function's name. The second step lists out the required and optional values for the function, summarizes what the function does, and links to an article with more details on that function.


Function assistance

You can use the function assistance feature to lookup similarly named functions and choose the one that's right for you.


Or use function assistance to remember exactly what fields are needed to complete a function. For instance, the IF function below requires a logical expression, then a value to be returned if the logical expression returns TRUE, and a different value to return if the logical expression returns FALSE.


Named Ranges

Additionally, function assistance can show named ranges that you can use in functions, for instance, "Range1" and Range2" in the image below.


While supports named ranges imported from other spreadsheet applications, we do not yet have named range or column name functionality in function assistance.

See our article on creating and editing formulas for more insight into using functions in formulas.