Function assistance and help

When writing or editing formulas, provides you with two-step function assistance.

The first step helps you locate the function you want to use by proposing functions when you start typing a function's name. The second step lists out the required and optional values for the function, summarizes what the function does, and links to an article with more details on that function.

Function Assistance

As you begin typing the name of a function, will autosuggest functions that you may be about to write. You can continue to write your function manually, or select the correct option from the dropdown.


As you continue writing your function, will display information about that function below, including a summary of what the function does and a list of the required and optional arguments that function takes. Click the blue "Learn more" link in the lower left corner of the dropdown to be taken to that function's page in our Functions section.


Named Ranges

If you begin referencing a named range in your function, will autosuggest named ranges you've created in your worksheet that match the text you are typing. You can continue writing the named range manually, or select the correct option from the dropdown.


See our Named Ranges article to learn more about creating and managing named ranges in your workbooks.

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