My Profile Overview

Manage your display name, profile picture, email address, and password with the My Profile settings.

Each account has a profile with the user's name, profile picture, and email address. Your profile identifies you to other users and is used to @Mention you, invite you to workbooks, and more. You can edit your profile details from the My Profile section of the Personal Settings dialog.

Your profile lets you control your identity on Set up your profile with an easily identifiable profile picture and other users will be able to see when you're also working on a workbook with them. Change your name because of life events. Or change your email address in your profile to control where you receive notifications.

Accessing Your Personal Settings

The Personal settings dialog gives you control over your account, including profile settings like your display name and password. To access your Personal settings dialog, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your browser window and select "Personal settings" from the dropdown.


You can only access your personal settings from within the app, and not the Community or Help Center.

This will open the Personal settings dialog. By default, it will open to your My profile page. Let's take a closer look at that below.

Managing Your Profile Settings

When you open the Personal settings dialog, you will land on your My profile page, from where you can edit account details like your name and password.


1. Name and Photo

Your profile picture is visible to other users when you're collaborating in workbooks with them. To set, edit, or change your profile picture, click the blue "Edit" button to the right of your current picture to open Edit photo dialog from where you can DeleteCrop, or Change your current photo.

Your display name is visible to other users when you send them notifications and is used to @Mention you in channels and cells. To change your display name, click the blue "Edit" button above your current display name to open the Edit name dialog from where you can type a new First name and Last name.

2. Email and Password

The email address associated with your account determines how you login to and where your notifications are sent. To change your email address, click the blue "Edit" button above your current email and enter your new email address in the popup dialog.

Change your password by clicking the blue "Change password" link to open the Change password dialog from where you can enter and confirm your new password.

3. Credit

You can view details about your billing credit from the bottom portion of the My profile page, as well as manage your credit by clicking the gray Manage invite & referral credit. Learn more about earning and applying billing credit in our series of articles on Billing, Payment, and Credit.

Learn more about when and how other users see your profile in our series of articles on Sharing & Collaborating, or read on to learn more about notifications.