My Profile Overview

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Each has a profile with the user's name, profile picture, and email address. Your profile identifies you to other users and is used to @mention you, invite you to workbooks, and more. Profile details can be edited the Personal settings page, along with other settings like notifications.

Your profile lets you control your identity on Set up your profile with an easily identifiable profile picture and other users will be able to easily see when you're also working on a workbook with them. Change your name because of life events. Or change your email address in your profile to get notifications to a different work email address.


Profile Overview

Your personal settings give you access to multiple key features, including integrations, recent history, and your profile settings.

In your Profile, you can see and edit your profile picture, display name, email address, password, and two-factor authentication settings.

To access your profile, first, open your personal settings by clicking on your user profile image in the top right of any App page (the community and help sections of do not lead to your personal settings), and select Personal settings. 


By default, you land on the My profile menu of your personal settings.


Changing And Editing Your Profile Picture

From your Profile page, you can edit your profile picture, display name, and email address by clicking the Edit option next to each setting. 

For instance, to change your profile image, open your personal settings.


Then click Edit next to your existing profile image.


From here an Edit photo menu will appear, with options to Delete your existing profile photo,  + Change and upload a new photo, and to Save any changes. With the exception of deleting your profile photo, which cannot be undone, clicking the X in the top-right corner of this window operates as a cancel function, undoing changes you have made.


To change your photo, click the + Change button, a window will pop up for you to navigate to the new profile photo on your computer. Once uploaded, you can edit which portion of the uploaded photo you would like to Save using the drag and resize features on the edge of the photo box.


By default, new user's profile images feature their initials. Like this:


The entire process for changing your profile photo is shown in the animation below


Changing Your Display Name

You can also change your name from your Profile. To change your name, click the Edit option next to your name. From here, a form will appear with editable entries for your first and last name.


By default, displays the entries in these fields in the order of First name, Last name. You can enter more than one name, for instance for hyphenated last names, middle names, matronymics, or a chain of names by adding your names to the First Name or Last name fields with a space between names. Similarly, if you would prefer your name order to be reversed, simply reverse the entries to put your surname first.

Click Save to confirm changes to your display name, and you will receive confirmation that the edits have been changed successfully.


Change your email, password, and notifications

From the Personal setting menu, you can also change your email address, password, and notifications. See our linked articles here for complete details on how to make these changes.

Your profile picture and name are most often used when collaborating with other users. See our collaboration and sharing overview for more details on how to message and invite others to your workbooks.