@Mentioning Users

@Mentions in Spreadsheet.com allow you to explicitly reference other users in channels and cells of various data types.

Spreadsheet.com is designed for collaboration. Sometimes that collaboration happens in channels where you message your team. Other times, such teamwork can happen directly in the cells of your worksheet. In channels, one type of message you can send is an @Mention to notify a user or users. But you can also @Mention users in cells of any type.

Sending a workbook user an @Mention will send them a notification that they've been mentioned and what your message says. Any user with the Commentor permission or above can send an @Mention in either the Workbook, Row, or Cell Channels.

Use @Mentions to let a teammate know that you updated an opportunity in the Team's CRM workbook or to explain why a task's status has been put on hold. @Mentions allow you to send specific users messages and draw attention to specific parts of your workbook.

About @Mentions

@Mentions allow you to talk to a specific user that already has access to the workbook. @Mentions notify users (via email if the user has enabled email notifications) that they have been mentioned. The email notification will include the workbook and worksheet (and channel, if relevant) where they've been mentioned, as well as the message content and the name of who mentioned them.

@Mentions in the workbook channel will be noted as a "workbook comment" in the notification. @Mentions in a cell, or the cell and row channels, will list the row name that the @Mention occurred in, as defined by the value in that row's primary column.

How to @Mention a User in a Channel

Begin by opening the workbook, row, or cell channel where you want to mention another user. To @Mention another user in your message, type an @ symbol before writing their name and select it from the dropdown that appears as you type.


Or, click the @ symbol in the bottom right corner of the text box to access a list of all users in the workbook.


If a user does not appear in the @Mentions, then either they have not yet been added to your workbook or do not have sufficient permission to read comments.

How to @Mention a User in a Cell

@Mentions in Spreadsheet.com can be inserted into any cell regardless of its data type, just like messages in the workbook, row, and cell channels. 

To @Mention an existing user, begin typing text in a cell and then type an @ symbol before writing their name and select it from the dropdown that appears as you type. Like @Mentions in channels, mentioning another user in a cell will send them a notification.

You do not need to type an @ symbol in a cell of the User data type. When you type @ in a cell with the user data type, you override the cell’s assigned data type with text. This is different from the default behavior of user cells, which allow you to select one or more users to assign to that cell as data.

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