@mentioning Users

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Spreadsheet.com is designed for collaboration. Sometimes that collaboration happens in channels where you message your team. Other times, such teamwork can happen directly in the cells of your worksheet. In channels, one type of message you can send is an @mention to notify a user or users. But you can also @mention users in cells of any type.

Sending a workbook user an @mention will send them a notification that they've been mentioned and what your message says. Any user with the Commentor permission or above can send an @mention in either the Workbook, Row, or Cell Channels.

Use @mentions to let a teammate know that you updated an opportunity in the Team's CRM workbook or to explain why a task's status has been put on hold. @mentions allow you to send specific users messages and draw attention to specific parts of your workbook.

About @mentions

@mentions allow you to talk to a specific user that already has access to the workbook. @mentions notify users (via email if the user has enabled email notifications) that they have been mentioned; the workbook, worksheet, and (if relevant) the channel where the message is; shares the message sent; and who mentioned them.


@mentions in the workbook channel will be noted as a "workbook comment" in the notification. However, @mentions in a cell, or the cell and row channels, will list the row name that the @mention occurred in, as defined by the value in that row's primary column. For instance, in the example below, Lisa mentioned us in the "Checkin desk" row of our "Opportunities" worksheet of our "Construction Team CRM" workbook.


How to @mention a user in a channel

To @mention a user, open the desired channel (Workbook, cell, or row) and type or press the @ symbol. Typing or pressing the @ symbol will pop up a list of existing workbook users. From here, either type or select the user's name. 


If a user does not appear in the @mentions, then either they have not yet been added to your workbook or do not have sufficient permission to read comments.

How to @mention users in a cell

@mentions in Spreadsheet.com can be inserted into any cell regardless of its data type, just like messages in the workbook, row, and cell channels. 

To @mention an existing user, type the @ symbol and start typing the user's name; a drop-down listing all user's names should appear for you to select from.

For instance, in the animation below, we have the cell channel open to respond to Lisa's question. We select reply, and then @mention Peter and Roger, asking them to double-check.



After sending these @mentions, peter gets the following email notification and can go check out the workbook.


Note: You do not need to type an @ symbol in a cell of the User data type. When you type @ in a cell with the user data type, you override the cell’s assigned data type with text. This is different from the default behavior of user cells, which allow you to select one or more users to assign to that cell as data.

In addition to @mentions, there are four other types of messages you can send in channels. See our Channels and Messages article for more details about reactions, replies, comments, and more.