Using Your Browser's Developer Console

You may need to explore your browser's developer console to identify the root cause of an issue in

When troubleshooting in you may wish to use your browser's developer console. Or, you might be asked to explore the console by members of the Community Forum or the support team.

Different web browsers have different names for these built in tools:

How to Use Your Browser's Developer Console

Each browser has a slightly different way to open their developer consoles. But one universal way to access the console is to navigate to a portion of the where right-clicking shows you browser options, then to right-click, and select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element".


Depending on your browser and settings, this will open a developer menu with multiple options to see the page's source code, a console to see what scripts are running, security checks, and more.

Sometimes when contacting Support, you may be asked to take screenshots or share what you see in your browser's console. The console can sometimes show developers what went wrong on a page and where there are errors, helping to problem solve where the problem is and how to fix it. It functions as a sort of log, detailing what scripts load up and which fail. 

In addition to screenshots, you may also be asked to save the console log directly. To do so, right click on the console area and select Save as... (in most browsers) from the dropdown menu.

A file of the console log will be saved on your computer and can be sent to our support team if requested.

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