Troubleshooting Lost Data

If you've lost data in a workbook or lost access to a workbook altogether, follow these steps to try and resolve the issue.

Were you working in when some data seemed to just vanish? Did you check with your users, and no one has touched the worksheet recently? Don't worry; there are many steps you can take to try and recover any lost data.

Check Your View, Filters, Sorts, and Hidden Columns

The toolbar has several features to hide and rearrange data. These are useful tools, but can sometimes lead to data being hidden without you realizing it. If you're missing some data from your worksheet, it may because of one of these features.

Restoring a View

Try these steps to restore your View and find missing or hidden data:

  1. Make sure you are in the same view as you were before.
  2. Try removing any filters you have in place, or filter directly for the missing data.
  3. Remove your sorts or sort by the data that is missing.
  4. Check your hidden columns, possibly unhiding them to reveal any hidden data.


Useful whenever something goes wrong, the undo feature can be accessed either by pressing the Undo button in the upper left corner of the toolbar, navigating to Edit > Undo in the toolbar, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z. Each time you press Undo, will go back one additional change. And, if you undo too far, you can always press the Redo button to the right.


Undo is associated with your session. Leaving and returning to a worksheet will prevent you from undoing or redoing changes from before you left.

Load Your Worksheet in a New Window

Sometimes data is still there, but your browser or recently cached data is not showing it. Without closing your worksheet, try opening the worksheet in a new browser and window. Leaving your window open also helps ensure you can undo any previous changes.

Lost a Workbook Altogether?

If you left your workbook and forgot the name of it or can't seem to find it again, try navigating to the Recent tab on your homepage.


The Recent tab shows the worksheets you've most recently worked on, as well as the account and folder associated with the worksheet. Or, use the Search field to search your existing workbooks.

Can't Access a Workbook?

Are you no longer able to access a workbook you once changed? Do you see an error message like the one below?


If so, you may no longer have permission to access that workbook. To regain access, contact an owner or manager of that workbook who can add you as a user.

Still not finding your lost data, or don't see your problem here? Try either contacting support or posting on the Community Forum.