Splits text using given delimiter(s). Splits text into separate cells.

NOTE: spillover capabilities whereby values returned from an array formula spill over into multiple rows and/or columns is not yet supported. This is a forthcoming feature.


Sample Usage

SPLIT(C5, ",")


SPLIT(text, delimiter, [split_each], [remove_each])

  • text - The text to be divided. 
  • delimiter - The character(s) to use to split the text. 
  • split_each - [OPTIONAL] Specifies whether or not to divide text around each character contained in delimiter.  
  • remove_each - [OPTIONAL] Specifies whether or not to remove empty text messages from the split results.  


SPLIT(C5,",") splits the text in cell C5. using the given delimiter. (Text will be split into different cells when spillover capabilities are added -- coming soon).   


  • The character or characters to split the string around will not be contained in the result themselves.
  • By default, each character in  delimiter  is considered individually. For example, if  delimiter  is "the", then  text  is divided around the characters "t","h","e". Set  split_each  to FALSE to turn off this behavior.