Creates a hyperlink inside a cell.


Sample Usage

HYPERLINK("http://www.spreadsheet.com", "Web address")


HYPERLINK(url, [label])

  • url - The full URL or a reference to cell containing the URL. 
  • label - [OPTIONAL] The text to display in the cell as the link or a reference to a cell containing the label. 



HYPERLINK("http://www.spreadsheet.com", "Web address") creates a hyperlink with the label: "Web address". 
HYPERLINK(C5) creates a hyperlink to the URL contained in the cell C5



  • Only certain types of url protocols are allowed.
    http://https://mailto:aim:ftp://gopher://telnet://, and news:// are permitted; others are explicitly forbidden. If a non-permitted protocol is specified,  label will be displayed in the cell, but will not be hyperlinked.
  • If no protocol is specified, http:// is assumed.
  • If label is a reference to an empty cell, url will be displayed as a link if valid, or as plain text otherwise.
  • If url is an empty string literal (""), the cell will appear empty, but the link is still accessible.
  • Enclose url and label in quotation marks.