Introduction to Workspaces, Folders, and Documents

Workspaces are where your folders and documents live.

A workspace is a home for all of your documents. Workspaces help you organize your work and collaborate with colleagues and teammates. Documents in workspaces can be organized into folders. users can belong to any number of workspaces, and workspaces can contain any number of users.

Adding additional users to your workspace may cause an increase in billing charges. Learn more about the difference between licensed and unlicensed users and managing your plan.

Your Workspace

Access your current workspace by clicking the workspace icon in the navigation sidebar.


From the Workspaces sidebar, you can see the name of the current workspace, the plan that it is currently on, and all documents and folders within that workspace. Use the search field to search for documents within the workspace, or click the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the Workspace Settings.

Workspace Settings – which affect only your current workspace – are different from Personal Settings – which affect your profile, regardless of which workspace you are currently using.

Click the current workspace name to toggle between different workspaces to which you belong.


Click another workspace to open it, or click +New Workspace in the upper right corner to create a new workspace. You can also find a list of all workspaces to which you currently belong on your homepage.

Shared Workspaces

When you share a document or folder in your workspace with other users, they will become members of your workspace and your workspace will be visible in their Workspaces sidebar and on their homepage. However, they will only see the documents and folders that you have shared with them.

Similarly, if anyone has shared a document or folder with you from another workspace, you will see their workspace in the Workspaces sidebar and on your homepage, but you'll only see the documents or folders they've shared with you.

Folders and Documents

Folders help you organize documents – workbooks, Reports, and Dashboards – in your workspace. Folders can contain any number of documents and can be shared with any number of people.

How to Create a New Document

You can create new documents from anywhere in via the Workspaces sidebar.

  1. Open the Workspaces sidebar by clicking on your workspace icon
  2. Click the blue +New button above the search bar
  3. Select the type of new document you want to create
  4. Assign your document a name, specify a location, and click Save

Manage folders by hovering over their name in the Workspaces sidebar, clicking the three-dot icon to the right of the folder name, and selecting “Share…”, “Rename…”, or “Delete…” from the dropdown. Folders must be empty of all documents before they can be deleted.

Similarly, you can manage documents by hovering over their name in the Workspaces sidebar, clicking the three-dot icon, and selecting an option from the dropdown.


Use this dropdown menu to move documents between folders. You can also move documents by clicking-and-holding the document icon and dragging it up or down through the document list.

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