Deleting a Folder

Folders can be deleted from your workspace via the homepage.

Sometimes you are no longer using a folder, created one by accident, or simply wish to remove it. If so, you can delete the folder from your workspace.

Folders must be empty of all workbooks before they can be deleted. See our article on Moving a Workbook to a Different Folder for more details.

How to Delete a Folder

From your homepage, navigate to the folder you want to delete and click the downward arrow to the right of the folder name. Select "Delete..." from the dropdown.


This will open a popup asking you to confirm that you want to delete the folder. Click "Ok" and the folder will be deleted.

Once you delete a folder, you will not be able to recover it. Proceed with caution.

Want to edit a folder or its contents instead of deleting it? You can also delete or move workbooks, or rename folders to re-purpose them for other uses.