Inserting and Moving Columns

Add new empty columns to your worksheets or move existing columns around.

Insert columns to add new data or to cut and paste existing columns, or move columns to rearrange your existing data.

How to Insert a New Empty Column

You can insert a new empty column by right clicking on a column header or clicking the downward arrow to the right of a column name and selecting “Insert column right” or "Insert column left" from the dropdown.

Or, you can access the insert column options from the document menu by navigating to Insert > Insert column.

How to Access the Document Menu

To access the document menu,

  1. Open the document dropdown by clicking the arrow to the right of the document name
  2. Select "Menu..." from the dropdown

Inserting a new column will open the Configure column dialog, where you can specify the data type and name of your new column.

Need to insert multiple columns at once? Begin by selecting as many columns as you wish to add and then follow the steps above. The "Insert column left" and "Insert column right" options will become "Insert # columns left" and "Insert # columns right," with the # equivalent to the number of columns you've selected.

Column Styling and Inserted Formulas

New columns adopt the cell styling (but not the data type) of the column you selected when you initiated the column insert.

Any formulas are automatically readjusted to follow the inserted column. For more details, see our article on Formula Readjustment.

How to Move Columns

To move one or multiple columns, grab the column or columns you would like to move, hold down left-click and drag them to the new location in the worksheet.

Alternatively, you can move columns via the document menu. Select the column you want to move and navigate to Edit > Move column.

How to Insert Copied Columns

The best way to insert an existing column elsewhere is to move it. You can easily move columns without having to copy and paste at all. But, if you'd prefer to copy and paste columns, you can first insert a new blank column as outlined above and then paste in the existing column you want to move. 

For more information on managing columns, check out our article on copying column styles, editing column data types, or deleting columns if you have inserted one by accident.