View Permissions

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With you can limit access to certain views in a worksheet to a specific group of users.

By default all views are Public, meaning they can be accessed by anyone who has access to the workbook. With view permissions, you can now set specific views to Private, which then allows you to select which users do not have access (note that Owners of the workbook, or the folder it lives in, always have access to all views).

To set view permissions

You can quickly and easily set permissions on any view by using the View permissions button in the view toolbar, or from the view’s context menus. First, navigate to the desired View's permissions menu:


From the permissions menu, you can change a view from Public to Private, and specify exactly who will have view access. For instance, in the animation below, we remove view access from Peter, Roger, and Harry.


See also our article on locking views to allow others to access a view, but not make changes to it.