Displaying Emojis with Formulas

In Spreadsheet.com, emojis can be placed in formulas just like any other text string.

Cells don't need to have every value manually entered. You can use formulas to determine cell values, even when formulas output emojis. Combining formulas with emojis is a fun way to use logic to determine which emojis to assign to a cell, or even have worksheets change emojis based on changes to data in other worksheets.

How to Display Emojis with Formulas

You can create formulas that output emoji values the same way you input any formula – by typing it directly in the cell or by using the formula bar above the worksheet header.

Emojis work like all other text strings in formulas, placed between quotation marks. And, like text strings, they can be used in compound formulas and those that involve conditional logic. Emojis must be input into formulas directly, and cannot be referenced by emoji shortcodes like those that can be used in channels and messages.

In the example below, we use an If statement to assign a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" verdict based on a rating in an adjacent cell. Instead of using text, we use the 👍 and 👎 emojis.


As you can see above, the emojis in Column B are those referenced explicitly in the conditional statements shown in Column C.

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