Changing Your Email Address

  • Updated uses your email address both as your username and to notify you if you are invited to a new workbook or messaged in one you already have access to. You can change the email address associated with your account and still retain access to your folders and workbooks.

Note: accounts are tied to a domain name, but you may associate an account with any email address from any domain.

How to Change your Email Address

To change the email address associated with your account, first, open your personal settings by clicking on your user profile image in the top right of any App page (the community and help sections of do not lead to your personal settings), and select Personal settings. 


By default, you should land on the My profile menu of your personal settings, from this menu you can change your profile picture, name, password, and email address.

Beneath the Email heading lists the email address currently associated with your account. To change this email address, click Edit.


An editable email field will appear where you can change the email address listed. For security reasons, you must also type in your current password, then click save. You should then receive confirmation that your email address has been successfully updated.


For instance, in the animation below, Lisa switches from her personal email address to her work address.


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