Spreadsheet.com Notifications

Spreadsheet.com sends you email notifications when other users share workbooks with you, or when you're mentioned in a comment or cell.

Spreadsheet.com is designed for collaboration, with channels available for users to send messages to each other. To make it easier to track conversations and messages, Spreadsheet.com sends you notifications via email whenever you are invited to a workbook or users make comments in a workbook you have access to.

Notifications allow you to keep tabs on a team's progress in their project plan, tell you if you've been @mentioned because a user has a question for you, or lets you know that you've been invited to a new workbook.

Receiving Notifications

All Spreadsheet.com users receive email notifications when they are invited to new workbooks. All other email notifications can be turned off. These notifications are sent:

Email notifications are sent directly to the mentioned user's inbox and include the name of the workbook where they've been mentioned, the contents of the message, and the name of the person who mentioned them, along with a direct link to the workbook.

By default, new Spreadsheet.com users have notification settings turned on.

How to Change Your Notification Settings

You can manage your notification settings from the Personal settings dialog. From your Spreadsheet.com homepage, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of your browser and select "Personal settings" from the dropdown.


This will open the Personal settings dialog, from where you can select Notifications from the top menubar and toggle "Email notifications" on and off.


Note that even with "Email notifications" turned off, you will still receive emails when other users share workbooks with you.

Learn more about the Personal settings dialog in our article on Personal Settings. Or, read on to learn more about @Mentioning Users and working with Channels and Messages.