Adding Workbook Users

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In, you can add users both to individual workbooks and to your folders. Adding a user to a workbook grants them permission to view, comment on, modify, or share that workbook, depending on their permission level.

Inviting users via email allows you to share your workbook only with specific people. Users invited via email will receive an email from granting access to your workbook.

How to add a workbook user

Sharing options and permissions can be accessed multiple ways. From a workspace, hover over a workbook, open the dropdown menu to the right of the workbook name, and select Share… from the menu.


Or, if you’re already inside of your workbook, you can access the same dialog via the File menu or the Share button in the upper right corner of the workbook.


Both options open the Share dialog:


Here, you specify the email addresses and the permission levels of those you wish to invite, as well as add an optional message to invited users. Once you are ready to invite, click on the Send button.

You can change a user's permission level after they have been added to your workbook,

Workbook users are those that only have access to this workbook, not all the workbooks in a folder (which are listed as Folder permissions). See our article on Folder sharing and permissions for more information about folder users.

If you would like to grant users access to your folder or multiple workbooks simultaneously, see our article on Adding Folder Users. Or, for help deciding what permission level to assign, see our Sharing Permissions article.