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Adding Folder Users

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In, you can add users both to individual workbooks and to your folders. Adding a user to a folder grants them permission to all workbooks in that folder and is easy to do right from the home screen.

Add a folder user when you want to add a team member to your team's folder, when you're starting a new project and want to keep all files together in one folder, or to grant someone view access to all the work that a team is doing.

About folder users

Users with folder permissions inherit that same permission level for all workbook permissions in that folder. For instance, users with Editor permissions for the folder will have Editor permissions for every workbook in that folder.

Folder users are assigned only to that folder. If you move a workbook out of a folder, then users can no longer access the moved workbook. Similarly, moving workbooks into a folder grants all folder users access to that workbook.

Folder users cannot be assigned a lower permission level on any workbook within a folder than their folder permission level. However, they can be assigned a higher level of access for particular workbooks. For instance, you could make your HR manager an Owner or Manager of an HR workbook, but keep them as a "Viewer" on your team's finance workbooks.

How to add a folder user

To add a user to a folder you own or manage, first navigate to your home page. From here you will see all the folders you have access to, with a Share button for each folder you can invite other users to.


After clicking Share, a Share folder dialog box appears. In this box, you can see all existing folder users and add new users by specifying the email address and the permission level of the person you wish to invite. Optionally, you can also add a message. Once you are ready to share, click the Send Invite button.

For instance, in the animation below, we click Share and add Roger as a user to our folder.


See our Sharing Permissions article for help deciding what permission to assign to your users or our Collaboration and Sharing Overview for more about sharing and collaborating with users.