Adding Folder Users

Adding users to a folder grants them permission to all workbooks in that folder.

In, you can add users both to individual workbooks and to your folders. Adding a user to a folder grants them permission to all workbooks in that folder and is easy to do right from the home screen.

Add a folder user when you want to add a team member to your team's folder, when you're starting a new project and want to keep all files together in one folder, or to grant someone view access to all the work that a team is doing.

If you invite someone to a workbook or folder as a licensed user and they are not already a licensed user in your workspace, your workspace will be charged a prorated fee for new licenses.

About Folder Users

Folders can be shared with any number of people you work with. Users with Editor, Commenter, and Viewer permissions are free in, so you don't need to worry about how many people you share with.

If your workspace is on a paid plan, only Owners, Managers, and Collaborators will count towards your licensed user allocation. To learn more about managing licensed and unlicensed users in your workspaces, see our article on Managing Your Workspaces.

Folder Permissions

Users with Folder permissions inherit that same permission level for all Workbooks in that folder. For instance, users with Editor permissions for the folder will have Editor permissions for every workbook in that folder.

Folder users have permissions that only apply to that folder, so if you move workbooks out of your folder, then folder users can no longer access the moved workbook, unless they also have access to the new folder. Similarly, moving workbooks into a folder will grant all folder users access to that workbook.

Folder users cannot be assigned a lower permission level on any workbook within a folder than their folder permission level. However, they can be assigned a higher level of access for particular workbooks within the folder.

Learn more about folder permissions in our article on Sharing Permissions.

How to Add Folder Users

On the far right of each folder, you can see profile images (mouse-over to see names) for all existing users and a Share button to add new users. To open the Share folder dialog, click the pink Share button or select Share... from the top of the folder dropdown.


Either option will open the Share folder dialog, from where you can add new users to your folder via email and specify their permission levels. In the example below, we're inviting Peter to the "Project Management" folder and granting him Manager access to every workbook in the folder.


Read on to learn more about Sharing & Collaborating in workbooks, including Public Sharing and Embedding and collaborating with users in Channels and Messages.