The Community Forum

Join the Community Forum to connect with other users, ask questions, troubleshoot issues, and learn about new and upcoming features.

The Community forum is one of the best ways to answer any remaining questions you have (if you couldn't find the answers in these help articles). In the Community forum, you can interact with other users and team members. Use the community forum to search for existing questions, ask new questions, post product suggestions, and help others.

How to Access the Community Forum

You can access the Community Forum by navigating directly to Or, you can click the "Community" link in the bottom right corner of your homepage...


...or by clicking the question mark icon in the top right corner of your window and selecting "Ask a question" from the dropdown.


The first time you visit the Community Forum, click the blue Log In button in the top right corner to import your name and profile picture from your profile.

Navigating the Community Forum

The home page of the community forum allows you to access a number of topic categories, search for posts, see the latest posts, create new topics, and more.


Let's take a closer look at navigating the Community Forum.


Jump to: 1. Search | 2. Profile | 3. Categories | 4. Filter and Sort | 5. New Topic

1. Search

When you have a question or suggestion, it's best practice to first search to see if another user has already posted a similar topic. Often other users have had similar questions and an answer might already be in the replies. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the header to search existing Community Forum topics.


Click the settings icon to the right of the search field to access the Forum's advanced search function.


2. Profile

Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the window to access your Alerts, BookmarksDirect Messages, and Profile preferences.

3. Categories

Topics in the community forum are divided into relevant categories, including Problems & bugsQuestions & help, What's new?Suggestions & ideas, and Examples, tips, and tricks. You can navigate to each of these categories via the Category list on the right side of the homepage, or by clicking on the All categories dropdown (3).

Some categories, like Questions & help, have subcategories that you can navigate through from their category page.


When creating a new topic and post, you'll want to select the category that best matches your topic. For instance, if there is a new feature you would like to see in you might select the Suggestions & ideas category.

4. Filter and Sort

Use the filter and sort options to view subsets of topics organizes by Latest, New, Unread, and Top.

5. New Topic

Once you have exhausted your search and discovered a topic that no one has previously posted, you should create a new topic to contribute to the community.

To create a new topic, click the + New Topic button (5) in the top right of the Community homepage. A Create new topic panel will appear on the bottom of your window, where you can type in a title for your topic, select a category, and then write your post. 


Please include all details of the issue you are facing or suggestions you have, including any useful examples.


Under each category are topics with multiple posts on that topic. When you create a new post, you're actually opening up a topic for discussion and replies. From the Topic view, you have multiple options to help keep track of a topic you are interested in or reply to the topic.


Like and Share

In the bottom right of each post and at the bottom of the full topic are options to Like, Share, or Bookmark that topic or post.

Liking a post is a way to express appreciation or confirm that a post helped you. Use the Share option to create a link to this topic or post to share on Twitter or Facebook, or to send as an email.

Bookmarking a Post

Bookmarking a topic or post either allows you to save the topic for you to quickly access later or it allows you to set a reminder to come back to the topic at a future date. 

When you click the bookmark button on either the topic or a specific post, the community page gives you the chance to customize a reminder.


Find your bookmarks in the Bookmark section of your Activity page or in the bookmarks section of your profile for quick access.


Set Alerts

In addition to bookmarking a topic or post, you can set or modify alerts to notify you when the topic changes. There are four levels of alerts you can set, with options for community and email notifications depending on your setting.



You can also reply to any topic, adding your own advice or questions as needed. Replies appear below the most recent post and can include @Mentions to call attention to specific community members.

Community Forum Best Practices

In addition to the more obvious guidelines of being courteous when asking for help or responding to others, it is generally advisable to:

  • Search our Help Center articles before posting
    Our Help Center articles cover many of the features and functionality of and are a great resource to help you through many problems. Though you may already know this if you're looking at this article.
  • Search for related topics before posting
    Your question or suggestion may have already been posted. Adding to an existing topic not only reduces redundancy but allows you to add to an existing conversation, best ensuring that the right people see your post.
  • Share as much detail as possible
    Some problems or suggestions are particular enough that they require a thorough explanation. Simply saying something like "Related Rows are not working for me" may not be sufficient for others to help you. Screenshots and screen captures are another great way to help others see the problem you're experiencing or share your suggestion.
  • Help others
    The community is not just a good place to get help, but also a place for you to offer your expertise and experience.
  • Make suggestions and ideas
    The team is happy to hear what you have to say and is always incorporating user feedback in building out the product roadmap.

We're glad to have you join the Community. Feel free to post there if you have any questions or ideas. Or, browse our articles on Support & Troubleshooting for other means of problem-solving.