Contacting Support and Submitting a Help Ticket

There's multiple ways to get answers to your questions, including the Community forum, this Help Center, or contacting our support team. has a number of ways to help you solve problems or recommend updates. The best way is the community forum, which team members regularly read and update. Below are a few steps you can take prior to contacting support and an email address to reach us.

Prior to Contacting Support

Prior to contacting support it is a good idea to first check our help articles, and then search the Community forum. The most common problems and features of are detailed in both places and can be useful for commonly asked questions.

You can easily post a question or problem on the Community forum and get answers quickly that may even help others with the same problems. To search the community forum, first go to and then use the search option indicated by the magnifying glass at the top. Or, post a new topic if your question is not yet listed.

Take a look at our article on the Community Forum to learn more.

How to Contact Support

To submit a support ticket send an email to We will respond within 24 hours, often faster.

Read on to learn more about Support and Troubleshooting, including more information on working with our support team.